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ADV7611 output image jitter issue

Question asked by Eason_Excelpoint on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by GuenterL

Dear friends,

I have met ADV7611 output image jitter issue when do the high temperature and low temperature(+70°C and -40°C), the issue detailed description as following:

1. The ADV7611 board work normally in room temperature, but there are about 50% ADV7611 board output image will jitter when

    ADV7611 boarad work in the +70°C high temperature or -40°C low temperature test box. I found there are some burrs in the DE

    lines, the 0x07 register bit 7 and bit 5 are 0, the vertical filter and DE regeneration has not locked, the line width is ok;

2. If the issue was occured in the ADV7611 boards, then the issue will always exist, when reset the chip in uninterruptible power supply,

    the board will work normally about 15 minutes before jitter again;

Additional remarks:

1.The +1.8V power on prior to +3.3V, the power supplied by the DC/DC regulator, I also changed the V33TVDD, V18CVDD and V18PLL

   power supply to LDO, and  increased the decoupling capacitor to 20 uF, but there were not any obviouse improvement;

2. The ADV7611 27MHz colock soure supplied by the FPGA;

3. The attached files are ADV7611 schematic and related registers setting configuration;

Any comments are appreciated.