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ADAU1452 SPDIF Input issue

Question asked by Shiaw on Aug 16, 2014
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I've built a custom PCB with ADAU1452 and everything is working quite well except for the SPDIF input.

I think I've configured everything the way it should be, but no audio can be heard. My current setup is as follows:


1. Serial Port 1 (input) is used to receive data from an ADC (works just fine)

2. Serial Port 1 (output) is used to transmitt data to a DAC (work just fin)

3. SPIDF In/Out interfaces are complete copy of ADAU1452 eval board.


I've already verified that ASRC 0 by routing Serial Audio to and from it.


See attached images for configuration.



P.S I'm using Sigma studio 3.11, Build 1, Rev 1356