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ADA4841: Voltage reference driver VS input common-mode range

Question asked by richiechen on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by Emman.A

I have asked a related question here in ADC section: Unstable, voltage reference of AD7682/AD7689

But I think it may be more appropriate to put the question here.


I am using ADA4841 to buffer a voltage reference. The ADA4841 is powered with +5V and GND. The voltage reference is 4.096V. However, the input common-mode range for ADA4841 is 4V when working at +5V / GND. Therefore it does not work in a stable fashion.


I am thinking the possibility of power ADA4841 with +5.25V. I dont want to put it higher, because I am also using the same power for a digipot, which can work only below +5.5V.


My question is: Is +5.25V enough to power the ADA4841 for buffering the  +4.096 reference? There is only 5.25-1-4.096 = 0.064V room left.


Thank you very much.