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M25P16 SPI Flash Blackfin Driver

Question asked by tamirci on Aug 14, 2014
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I m trying to derive M25P16 SPI flash. I configured SPI at 12.5 MHz speed and using hardware controlled chip select. As a starting point i m trying to read identification with 0x9F command code. Altough i see CS,CLK and MOSI (DQ0) signals driven by BF537 DSP correctly i m not able to see data on MISO (DQ1) pin of M25P16 chip. I m seeing 00 or FF.


At the begining, clk and MISO pins are direct connected to DSP. Later i check the forums and design examples and found out that MISO pin needs a 10K pull-up and CLK pin needs a 10K pull-down resistor. I applied this difference but still cant see any data on MISO (DQ1) pin of the flash memory.


Do you have any suggestion for this?


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