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How to integration ADV8005 OSD  into new MCU ?

Question asked by Tommy_chen on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

I finished intergration the OSD files which generated by Blimp (only the Blimp generared files,not whole source code project),.

I did test as follows:
1.Use the Blimp tool to build the \Blimp\SampleProject\ADV800x\AVR_OSD_DEMO which is the same OSD as the EVB;
2.Integration the Blimp generated file into the new MCU SW
3.The firmware run in the New MCU, the I2C read and write function is correct (use our own board to read and write EVB I2C/SPI)


4.Power on the EVB,wait untill the EVB board ouput picture.Then connect the dedug jump, to stop the EVB firmware;

5.Connect the I2C and SPI bus from the new mcu to the EVB;

6.Power on the New MCU board;it will call ADIAPI_OsdConInit funciton;

7.Press the remote Menu, when the New MCU board receive the IR code, will call "ADIAPI_OsdKeyPress" function;
And firmware run into

            MenuEnabled = (~MenuEnabled) & 1;

            HAL_read8(OSD_CORE, OSDCORE_EN, &ucTemp, BUS_SPI);//for debug

            printf("\r\n----OSD_enable OSDCORE_EN=%d---\r\n",ucTemp);//for debug

            //ucTemp is 1
            ADIAPI_OSDEgReleaseMutex ();


But there is no OSD show.


Would you please give some suggestion for OSD intergration issue