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ADF4360-7 as 500MHz clock source for AD9958

Question asked by Tangaroa_On_The_Moon on Aug 13, 2014
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Preamble: Maximum output power of AD4360 (-5dBm) is lower than recommended clock drive level for AD9958 (200..1000 mV). Moreover, I'm planning to split system by two or more boards - clock source on one board, DDS chip on another, controller on third and so on.


I dont think that differential signalling is really required here, so I need to convert differential output of PLL chip to single-ended (with help of balun), filter it, amplify it with MMIC, send via coaxial cable and re-create nice clean differential clock near DDS.


As i said, clocking frequency will be in 500MHz region.

On one hand, balun can be made as tuned LC-circuit. One other hand, it can be one magnetic transformer (TC1-1-13 looks nice), really simple and symmetrical.


So there is a question about it: if my idea is not really bad, is it possible to use this solution (see below)? MMIC input is internally matched to 50 ohmbalun.png