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5 or 6 way crossover-H/W recommendation?

Question asked by AlexSS on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by jon71

Hello all,


Looking to create a selfboot crossover system that gives availability for up to 6 outputs, with adjustable crossover frequencies and delays (GPIO/AUX ADC controlled). Originally planned to use the ADAU1701 when I only needed 4 outputs but now spec has changed, first thought was to use 2 ADAU1701s to give me a total of 8 outputs, though I'm not sure the ADAU1701 would have enough memory for that, (6 index filters and 3 delays per IC) or enough multipurpose pins for all the pots, would also like real time control from SigmaStudio, which I'm not sure I could do using two separate chips?


Next thought was the ADAU1442 with separate ADC and DAC, I 'think' memory would be fine but again, not enough inputs for potentiometers I don't think. I could potentially use one rotary encoder and buttons to toggle though functions and filters, is this feasible? Suspect I would need to provide a 'save' button to write user parameters to EEPROM? Is there a way of setting up an automatic 'save' feature, say write to EEPROM every 5 seconds? This option would require a display, so...Given I'm new to digital electronics and don't know the first thing about coding, is it possible to add either a LCD or 7 segment display for parameter feedback without using a uC? GPO driving 7 segment display perhaps?


Perhaps there's a better way entirely of doing this? Really don't want to go down the uC route though if I can help it, haven't really got the time to learn coding.


Many thanks,