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How to implement VHDL algorithm into PL using Linux FmComms1 design ?

Question asked by onche_onche on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by ACozma

Hello engineers.

I have a Zedboard connected to FMCOMMS1. The Linux OS provided by ADI is working perfectly but I need some guide to perform a new task.

I have a looped algorithm developed on Simulink. I can generate VHDL code from it and I want to interface it into the ADI hardware. Here are my main questions :


1. I want to test now my looped algorithm on Zedboard with FMCOMMS1 using the Linux OS. I know that I may use the XPS software from ISE Design Suite in order to regenerate the bitstream and recreate the boot image. Is it correct ?

I looked at the source of the Zynq Linux tutorial :

At which


2. Is there a other way to test the algorithm with Linux OS directly from Simulink ?

I am also aware of the new ADI project based on libiio :



3. I have choose Zedboard because it's the recommended platform development by ADI to work with FmComms1. But I also have a ML605. Should I continue to work with Zedboard or using ML605 Microblaze and IP Core generation capabilities in order to use my VHDL code as a peripheral ?


Thank you for the support.