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ADV7842 document of recommended settings

Question asked by daisu on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2014 by daisu

Hello all,


“ADV7842_HW_Manual_RevA_23_December_2010.pdf_ 8.13 TMDS EQUALIZATION” says register settings.

On the other hand, “ADV7842_Recommended_Settings_Rev2.0_241013.pdf_2.2.1 Recommended Equalizer Setting”says recommended register setting value.


Please let me know below about setting value described in “ADV7842_Recommended_Settings_Rev2.0_241013.pdf”.


1: Is described setting value one example ?
2: Is this document the one for initial setting ?
3: Should I use setting described in “ ADV7842_Recommended_Settings_Rev2.0_241013.pdf“ for correct operation ?