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ad7511 Detect monitor (un)plug and power-down when not in use

Question asked by milosoftware on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by milosoftware

I have two questions about the 7511 drivers in the Linux kernel.


We're using the reference design on custom board, much alike the Zedboard or zc702, which has a ad7511 HDMI transmitter.


1 - Can I somehow detect whether there is a monitor plugged in? For example, "/sys/class/graphics/fb0/state" always contains "0", whether a monitor is connected or not. Is this a hardware problem, something not implemented in the driver or something else?


2 - Can I disable or somehow power-down the driver when not in use? In particular, I want the DMA to stop, because it's wasting a lot of memory bandwidth (about 480MB/s, at 1920x1080@60).