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AD9244BST-65: Aperture delay uncertainty

Question asked by on Aug 11, 2014
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  i have 2 AD9244BST-65 in my system.
  Both of them are clocked from the same oscillator;
  lets assume the clock has no jitter and the clock signals enter the ADC at
  the very same time.
  The ADC datasheet states the Aperture Delay with typical 1.5 ns.
  I want to state a channel (1st ADC) to channel (2nd ADC) skew in the documentation of my appliance. Therefore I would have to know the  "Aperture Delay Uncertainty"
  (which is not the Aperture Uncertainty (Jitter)) or in other words, the min. and max values for the Aperture Delay.
  As it is not stated in the datasheet, would 0.5 ns be a good estimation?