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Manipulating bits in PVP

Question asked by -tim- on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by -tim-

Hey ADI,

i´m using the BF609 EZ-KIT with a EI3 camera extender and EI3 video encoder board.

I´m getting mono images from the imager.

The image runs through the PVP where i make a canny-edge.

The result is a 8 bit pixel with the first fife bits as angle and the last 3 bits are the information about the edges like strong or weak egde.

I want to count the edges, so i decided to make a second PVP, a Mem PVP, with a THC block.

But how can i get rid of the first fife bits? I´ve already tried it with shifting in the ACU block, but that haven´t worked.


Thanks for your help.

Regards Tim