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Watchdog reset doesn't happened..?

Question asked by Karthickph on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by Karthickph

Hi,  Im using ADuC7060 micro for our product development and implemented the watchdog reset into our code..There seems to be device is not getting resetted after the T2LD counter gets filled over...Here is the piece of code that is used in our code...




    // some initialization here related to system....

    T2LD = 0x10040;   //for 2sec timout

    T2CON = BIT5;   //enable the watchdog, count down, free running mode, 32.768KHz



        T2CLRI = 0x05; //to reload the timer count into T2LD

        delay()   //this delay can be waited for 5sec




But this doesn't causing any reset of the device...please let know what was missing in this code to implement watchdog properly...