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LDF related problem while programming the flash

Question asked by Sadhana on Sep 16, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by Sadhana

We are working on BF 531 and are facing lot of problems while working with LDFs.


The fact that we are facing is LDF created by tool does not work as is while we are programming the codei n flash. The procedure for creating LDR requires the DXE as input, and this DXE if created by auto-generated LDF, does not work in Flash. We need to tweak the LDF so as to make the DXE in flash.


We had thankfully found few pointers which we used to keep as check list any time we need to flash the code, and we even saved these special LDFs and we used them only for creating DXE when we needed code running from Flash.


However recently we had to enable data and program cache for solving some performance related issue, and there we have come to an halt when the point came where we needed to run the changes done in the code from Flash.


The default LDF that is created by the tool does work if we are running the code in debug / release mode. But when we take the DXE created in release mode, and create an LDR out of it, the same does not work from Flash.


Does any one have any solution for this? Or some pointer which we can use to create custome LDF for our application?


Early response would really be a great help!!


Message was edited by: Sadhana We have used the SDRAM for both data and code till date. And below are the settings done in Init.dxe for SDRAM: EBIU_SDRRC = 0x01CD;  EBIU_SDBCTL = 0x0013; EBIU_SDGCTL = 0xb1919989; The above setting worked for us till we enabled data cache.