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adis16480 issues

Question asked by zachmic on Aug 10, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by NevadaMark
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Hi Mark,

I have some questions with adis16480,

1. in this post, Alignment/initialization of the ADIS16480, you said 'The magnetometer influences all three axes but is more influential on the yaw axis, which cannot use accelerometer-based orientation measurements, with respect to gravity'.

   The default EKF_CNFG[1] = 0, does this mean magnetometer measurement is not used in EKF process, so the magnetic disturbance has nothing to do with Euler orientation? In further, with regard to the application which only pitch and roll is cared(navigation frame), does EKF_CNFG[1] = 0 reduce pitch and roll acuracy, relative to EKF_CNFG[1] = 1?


2. What is the rising time of data_ready signal? so i can determine the sampling window on the signal line. I only see the jitter is 1.4us in the datasheet.