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About BF532 and BF537 EMI issue

Question asked by AngusZhao on Sep 15, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by PrasanthR



I am designing the BF532 and BF537 for the instrumentation applications.  During my EMC/EMI test, I found some single piont frequency over standard.  I guess it has relationship with the frequency of BF53X .


1.  For BF532 product, I found when I test the high frequency space raidation will over the standard ( the DSP frequency is 314MHZ) . We can find it in 9V3.2-1# .


2.  Another project,  I found EMI over standard especially in high frequency ( the DSP frequency is 500MHZ) .  We can find it in 201007096-1.


Would you pls give me some advice for this issue ?  Why it ?


thanks a lot.