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ADV7180 decoder settings

Question asked by perumalram on Sep 15, 2010
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we are having problem on video capture with ADV7180 decoder. The hardware use ADV7180 as a decoder for the Freescale MPC5121 based processor on Video In functionality. The camera is in PAL (720x576) format and the decoder correctly identifies the format with auto dectection. The decoder uses default settings. we have 8 Data pins and one pixclk pin connected with MPC5121. No sync pins connected in the interface, since MPC5121 VIU accepts only data and clock. We got data from the MPC (converts ITU656 to RGB internally) and the picture (RGB) is not clear. What is the correct settings for the decoder or the default settings for the decoder should be enough for the ITU 656 stream. We don't know the problem actually whether on decoder side or MPC VIU unit.