Problem accessing ADuCM350 documentation

Discussion created by hochschild@msn.com on Aug 7, 2014
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Page 8 of the ADuCM350BBCZ Software Users Guide, Section 1.5, lists a number of recommended references. I had no problem finding the IAR references. However, when I enter the following document names (in quotes to avoid getting thousands of citations) into SEARCH on the AD home page (being registered and logged in) or search my computer for them, I get nothing.:


ADuCM350BBCZ Device Drivers Getting Started Guide

ADuCM350BBCZ Device Drivers API Reference Manual

Eval-ADuCM350EBZ Evaluation Board Guide and Labview GUI

AN-XXXX ADuCM350BBCZ Serial Download Tool

AN-XXXX ADuCM350BBCZ Serial Download Protocol

AN-XXXX Security for ADuCM350BBCZ


Right now I don't know if I'll need these, but best to be prepared.