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Problems with SPI slave boot on ADSP-21479

Question asked by cbeaver on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2014 by MaheshN

Hi all,


I am having trouble booting my ADSP-21479 processor with a Microchip PIC using SPI slave boot with the following parameters:


CPU Freq:  128 MHz (16MHz osc + BMODE = 00, CLK_CFG = 00)

SPI Freq:  156.25 KHz



The program I am trying to boot is a simple assembly language program which I am unable to test because I do not have an emulator. However, it does run using the CCES simulator in debug mode and the listing files all seem correct. I used the loader tool to combine the standard 479_SPI.dxe boot kernel and my .dxe file using 16bit word packing - ensuring that the bit order is reversed for each 16bit chunk because my SPI master transmits in MSB first mode.


My test program is to toggle a FLAG pin, but after booting all pins on the chip appear to be configured as outputs and are driven high (this seems unusual).


Having checked every single possible hardware fault (int and ext supplies, clkin, nRESET and nRESETOUT) and explicitly checking that the data on the SPI bus is as expected I am starting to run out of ideas on how to get my device to boot. Does anyone have any further suggestions on how to debug the boot process?


Kind regards,