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Failed to read a ADV7282-M register

Question asked by on Aug 7, 2014
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    I am debugging ADV7282-M chip,image has been displayed in lcd screen.

I can write a adv7282-m register,but not read a register.

     Please refer to the attachment to get read timing.

    The software displays the following error, it seems from the device can not be found.

    qup_i2c f9923000.i2c: QUP: I2C status flags :0xd1100c8, irq:127

    qup_i2c f9923000.i2c: I2C slave addr:0x21 not connected


    I want to read a value from register 0x42(slaver addr),0x0f(subaddress).

   Pictures can be seen from the oscilloscope, first to send 0x42,0x0f(scop_00 picture) to adv7282-m,

   then send 0x43 to adv7282-m,but no ack back from adv7282-m(scop_01 picture).