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FMCOMMS1 I2C-to-SPI Problems

Question asked by blahblahblah on Aug 7, 2014
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I'm having trouble getting the PIC on my FMCOMMS1 to initiate SPI transactions.

I've got a simple software based bit bang i2c going in python.

And so far can read the firmware version info no problems.

I read back:



I'm now trying to readback some registers from the AD9122.

But so far no luck.


My sequence to read register 0x0 from AD9122 is:

I2C 0x58(write)|0x03|0x00|0x08|0x00|0x01

I2C 0x58(write)|0x04|0x80

I2C 0x58(write)|0x03|0x04|0x28|0x00|0x1

I2C 0x58(read)|0xXX


I'm probing the SPI lines on the FMCOMMS1 board and don't see any action.

The final I2C read returns 0x1a, which is wrong.


My SCL speed is ~200Hz, which is pretty slow.

I'm wondering if there's a timeout in the PIC fimrware?

I've been over the I2C waveforms and can't really see anything wrong.

Since I can readback the firmware version, the I2C interface appears to be alive.

I just can't seem to trigger any SPI transactions.


I'm on a VC709, which doesn't have a ref design, so I can't drop back to those to compare the waveforms.

I do have a ML605, so I might dig that out and fire it up as a fallback.


Can anyone provide some more things to try?

Are there any example waveforms available that show how to trigger a SPI transaction?