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Simulink IIO blocks usage

Question asked by mhammond777 on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2014 by dpu

I've been following the page Simulink libiio [Analog Devices Wiki] to test the libiio blocks, and have got the TX/RX functions working, and the USRP wifi beacon example running but when I try to apply the blocks to any other example I can't make it work.


I've tried replacing the USRP receiver block with the sequence of blocks (source, IQ to complex, gain, buffer) in other USRP examples, as I saw this was how the wifi example was made and they run but don't seem to work. Am I just being careless with buffer size etc. or is there some limitation of the blocks I should know about?


I've also tried using the FPGA Radio Support from Communications System Toolbox - Hardware Support - MathWorks United Kingdom package, again to no avail - will there be a version of this supporting the new FMComms3/Zynq setup?


Thanks for any help,