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Q. About ChipScope and Vivado data capture

Question asked by woong.lee on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2014 by woong.lee

1. If I change [Trigger Setup] - [Radix mode] to anything, [Bus Plot] doesn't show data.

[Bus Plot] window shows "Wating for upload..." and no more progress

and the console also stops after [COMMAND: run 1 1]


Is there any way to use [Radix]-[Signed]? (and what is different on graph between [Signed] and [Bin]?)



2. Belows are what i captured on Vivado and ChipScope(1024-points both).



My fmcomms board's settings (lo_freq, bandwidth, samp_freq, etc) were exactly same,


but ChipScope is showing more waves . Why is this happening?


3. Vivado's capture always shows  same length points (128 points) whatever i change( tx, rx's lo_freq, samp_freq, bandwidth individually).

Why does it always shows 128-point wave?