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Converting "PAVPIPE.DSN" in EVAL-7842-7511_build_files to OrCAD 9.10

Question asked by CharlieLiu on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2014 by CharlieLiu

Hi Dear ADI Video Product support team,


I'm trying to port EVAL-7842-7511 schematic into my new product design, but having problem with opening the "PAVPIPE.DSN" schematic file with my OrCAD version 9.10, since your OrCAD version is 16.3 and you saved it as 16.3 format by default.


For helping us import it to our OrCAD 9.10 based design, could you please convert the PAVPIPE.DSN" schematic from 16.3 to 9.10?


Per support guidance by Cadence/OrCAD and the instructions from EDA forum (Orcad 16.3 to Orcad 9.2), what you need to do is simply open your original design file with 16.3 and then save it as 16.2 format. Then, we would be able to open and import the schematic by 16.2 version and below, including my 9.10.


Thanks and Best regards,


Charlie X. Liu

Dept. of Engineering

Sensoray Company, Inc.