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AD9361 Power Consumption

Question asked by Laliberte on Aug 5, 2014
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I have to calculate the design max power consumption of the AD9361.

How would you have a calculation method below?

・VDD_INTERFACE:2.5V(5% Tolerance),58.0mA(P-P56,450mV Differential Output)

・1.3V Main Supply Voltage:1.33V max,1050mA(FDD Mode,2.4GHz,2RX/2TX,20MHz BW,7dBm)

・VDD GPO:3.3V(5% Tolerance),50uA


2.625V×58mA+1.33V×1050mA+3.465V×50uA = 1.528W

Do you have a worst-case conditions to others?

Also, please advice on heat dissipation, such as the pattern layout and method of attaching the heat sink and Airflow.