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AD8495 question regarding error

Question asked by cmccoy21 on Aug 4, 2014
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I saw that in the datasheet for the AD8495 Thermocouple Amplifier that the max error is +- 2 degrees C "due to the non linearity of the thermocouple". I also saw a section above which advised consulting the data sheet for your thermocouple to find its specified tolerance.


When I consulted the manufacturer (Omega), I also saw the reported error as +- 2 degrees C.


My question is this: Does the linearity error of the AD8945 take in account the error of the thermocouple or is this error inherent of the AD8495 itself?


Basically, are the tolerances listed refer to the same thing or do they compound? Is my error +- 2 degrees or is it +- 4 degrees?