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ADL5380 part-to-part phase repeatability

Question asked by D.A.Watt on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by bsam

I'm looking at the ADL5380 for a multi-channel receiver. Each channel would have its own ADL5380. Channel-to-channel relative phase on the ADL5380 baseband output is important.


First question: Does the ADL5380 mechanism for generating a quadrature LO from the input real LO, prior to the I and Q mixers, introduce a power-up phase ambiguity between the I channel LO and the input LO? Some products seem to suffer from this.


Does anyone have data or experience on channel to channel phase offset, and stability of this offset over time, between two ADL5380 operating from the same LO and RF? I'm interested in RF from the 2GHz to 3.5GHz range.