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Setting up the communication between zedboard and pc via ethernet cable.

Question asked by Jetmiri on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by larsc

Dear all,


I am using fmcomms2 with zedboard. I am trying to make the data streaming example as it is given in Simulink libiio [Analog Devices Wiki] The problem is that I can not make the board to communicate with my PC. My set up is that I am connecting the zedboard via an ethernet cable with my PC and I am putting both Ip on the same subnet. I am using the IP of zedboard inside the iio_source object. But when I am running the Simulink project as it is given in the upper-mentioned link it gives an error.


I should mention that I am using the SD card to set up the linux on zedboard.


Am I missing something from the setup or what!? How can I make the communication between zedboard and PC via ethernet cable!?


Any help will be appretiated.


Thanks in advance,