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EPPI Setting for ITU656

Question asked by bf_omg on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by jobo23

Hi, all,


I am a newbie to BF DSP, and come here to turn to your help, tks.


I have a evb board with ADV7280 video decoder with BF60X.


I can set the ADV7280 in progressive mode, and set bf60x to receive the whole ITU656 frame, and It is okay.

(clock is from adv7280)


But I want to just get the active video only, but if failed, the pic in ram is not correct.


The setting for ITU656 whole frame is follwing:

// PPI Setting

static ppi_timing_t adv728xPpiTiming_480i_YCbCr_60Hz_DEINT =


    1716u,                        /* The total number of sample per line including blanking              */

    1716u, //1440u,                     /* The number of active video samples per line excluding blanking    */

    525u,                      /* The number of lines in a frame including blanking                   */

    525u, //487u,                      /* The number of active video lines in a frame excluding blanking    */

    0u,                        /* The period of VSYNC in clock cycles                                 */

    0u,                         /* The period of HSYNC in clock cycles                                 */

    0u,                        /* The width of VSYNC in clock cycles                                 */

    0u,                         /* horizontal blanking samples                                           */

    0u,                        /* The vertical delay in clock cycles between VSYNC and active data  */

    0u,                        /* The horizontal delay in clock cycles between HSYNC and active data*/

    ADI_EPPI_DMA_TRANSFER_32BIT,/* The DMA transfer size                                            */

    4,                           /* The DMA modifier                                                    */

    0x00402084u                   /* PPI control register                                                  */



I just change the setting of ppi ctl reg to rec active frame, but it failed.


Any doc to explain the detail setting for PPI/DMA for ITU656 rx/tx? (excluding the official HDM)


or How to change the setting for it?


Thanks for your help!