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ADXL213 replacement recommendations?

Question asked by MR2012 on Aug 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by venkat

I am currently using an ADXL213 as a 2-axis inclinometer. I am looking for a 3-axis part, but have not yet figured out all the differences between parts. I need at least 0.1 degree resolution for angles up to 20 degrees, and I would prefer low current and high accuracy. I currently sample around 60Hz.

What's confusing for me is that there are several 2-axis parts that I thought would also work fine, and are cheaper. I did not choose the current part - I'm wondering if the ADXL213 is better in some other way that I have missed? The PWM interface doesn't count unless it affords better precision.

Does anybody know how the ADXL213 is better, and what else I need to look for in a 3-axis part?