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Difference Between JTAG Debug and Startup From SPI Flash on BF609

Question asked by weibo on Aug 2, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by CraigG

Hello Everyone,


     Now I map SPI1 port to Core1,and control wifi module via spi1. When I debug program via Jtag, the program run normally. But When I

burn the program to spi flash, the program stopped at spi1 IO port. I use DMA and Callback communicating with wifi.


Critical code on core1 are as followes:

Map SPI1 IRQ to Core1.

void MapIRQToCore1(void)



  /* Assign interrupt to core 1*/

  adi_sec_SetCoreID(INTR_SPI1_TXDMA, ADI_SEC_CORE_1);

/* Enable edge sensitive */

  adi_sec_EnableEdgeSense(INTR_SPI1_TXDMA, true);

  /* Assign interrupt to core 1*/

  adi_sec_SetCoreID(INTR_SPI1_RXDMA, ADI_SEC_CORE_1);

  /* Enable edge sensitive */

  adi_sec_EnableEdgeSense(INTR_SPI1_RXDMA, true);

  /* Assign interrupt to core 1*/

  adi_sec_SetCoreID(INTR_SPI1_STAT, ADI_SEC_CORE_1);

  /* Enable edge sensitive */

  adi_sec_EnableEdgeSense(INTR_SPI1_STAT, true);



The appendix file spi_io.c is used to communicate with wifi.


The program stops at function zs_spi_read_write()








It seems Rx DMA can't receive data from wifi. But It runs normally when program is loaded from JTAG.


Please give me some hints .


Thanks very much.