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Output boards deciphered?

Question asked by 060FAE on Sep 10, 2010
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by mattp

Hi I'm trying to figure out which output board is suitable to marry up with the EVAL-ATV-MBZ and the EVAL-ADV7441AFEZ-2.


This ADV7441A product page shows the following output boards: EVAL-ATV-OP3Z, EVAL-ATV-OP4Z, EVAL-ATV-OP5Z, EVAL-ATV-OP6Z but I can't find any description of these boards.


This page on the ATV Motherboard shows 2 output boards (EVAL-ATV-OP1Z, EVAL-ATV-OP2Z) and an indication of the differences is listed, but these boards are not listed on the product page for the ADV7441A. I'm not sure if these are suitable for inclusion in an evaluaton system of the ADV7441A.


Can you point me to a webpage or document that provides a description of these output boards?


Many thanks.