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AD7626 analog signal was influenced by the LVDS interface

Question asked by wjrong on Aug 1, 2014
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I recently designed a four layers PCB board which used AD7626. I used ADA4932 to drive the AD7626, then used FPGA to receive the ad data. I separated the analog ground and digital ground and connected them under AD7626. However, i found the differential signal input ad were influenced by the noise when the ad lvds interface started to work. But i didn't see the phenomenon in the AD7626 eval board. What is more, the harmonic components of my pcb board were high.


So could anyone tell me how to prevent the influence of lvds and develop the snr and thd? And could anyone please send the gerber files of ad7626 eval board to my e-mail? My e-mail is .


Thank you very much!