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AD1938 DAC clk from PLL and LRCLK

Question asked by JamieArrow on Aug 1, 2014
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We are trying to use the AD1938 coded in bi-directional audio system and the codec is being used in a standalone mode without any external SPI connection. The ADC is placed in master mode (with COUT pulled up) but we would like to use the DAC in slave mode in order to receive the LRCLK from another unit,  could you please advise us on how to get  just the DAC to receive the LRCLK rather than using the internal master clock generated from the 12.288 oscillator


we want to use the ADC and DAC a-synchronously.

we want to generate the ADC clock from an external source

and generate the DAC clock from the PLL and LRCLK


this is URGENT.

can someone please help