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Ethernet TX_CRS_CNT

Question asked by LloydE on Sep 10, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by JiangW

I have two custom hardware systems which both use the BF536. Each board has a different Ethernet PHY (Micrel KS8041 and KS8993) attached to the Ethernet MAC with a MII interface. Both boards transmit and receive Ethernet packets with no errors. However, when I look at the BF536's Ethernet MAC's

Management Counter Registers, I see the following counts for the Ethernet TX registers (I have removed the uninteresting, i.e., zero ones and ones that are summarized by other counts).






By running Wireshark, I am able to see all the packets being transmitted correctly. My question is, why do TX_OK_CNT and TX_CRS_CNT/TX_ABORT_CNT not jive with what I see on Wireshark, i.e., all the packets being transmitted correctly. If there is an issue with the BF536 and the PHY (MII CRS == PH15), why are the packets being transmitted by the PHY? Any ideas?