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Blackfin processor BF527 Processor

Question asked by rajvel.murugesan on Aug 1, 2014
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I have selected Blackfin processor BF527 for one of safety critical application'


I have some basic doubt in this processor.


1. Is any power supply sequencer is required for this chip....?


2. I have selected this part mainly for JPEG2000 encoder.

Here is my application requirement

I will get the camera RGB raw data via FPGA.  this is need to be compressed using JPEG 2000 encoder engine. I have referred the BF527 data sheet  it is found that it has PPI port for Image and video interfacing.

Here my question is Is it required to connect the FPGA to processor via PPI port for JPEG 2000 compression..?

shall i connect my FPGA to processor via EBIU port for JPEG2000 compression


3. I have referred that BF527 data sheet it has AMS[3:0] for memory bank selection. shall I use this line as chip select and Shall I connect Different memory ( 4  memory ) based on the chip select.. so that my size of memory can be increased?


Kindly any one help in this regards



Rajvel M