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AD5791 ESD problem

Question asked by sitta on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by msamera

Dear All,


I am using AD5791 in my device, but I am facing with problem of ESD test. Device is really complicated and doesnt have great ESD design, but previous DAC1220 doesnt have any problem. Now when I test ESD, AD5791 reset and device doesnt work (set output to zero and output of DAC is tighted to ground probably). DAC doesnt change output after test. I dont have any feedback from DAC (SDO is not connected now).

RESET pin is conected to VCC (filtered with 100R + 100n/X7R and 10uF/Tantal)


I want to prepare SW solution, but I have only one DAT pin (DAC1220 support connection togethar of SDI and SDO), but with AD5791 I not sure if it is possible.


Thank you for your help