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best way to connect a 8ch AD and 8ch DA converter - BF60x

Question asked by pfeifferc on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by SachinV

Hi !

For a new design we want to implement 8xaudio in and 8xAudio Out

The used converters are from CirrusLogic DA=CS4385 and the 8ch AD(=CS5368) converter.

what is the best way for a flexible connection ? Clocking is done by an external VCXO

I think TDM mode is requested. So as mentioned in HRM two HSPORTS must be combined to archive full-duplex operation !?


By using 2xSports how should/could they synchronised (by connect FS-signals?? or software?)


A further question: TDM for CS-chips need ACLK/AFS/AD0 - when is ATDV-line required?


kind regards christoph