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ADV7391 horizontal sync time for SMPTE-170M

Question asked by StevenStowe on Jul 31, 2014
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I'm using an ADV7391 to generate a 640x480 active image area conforming to the SMPTE-170m standard with only monochrome data. To do this, I've configured the device to use square pixels with 24.54MHz input clock. The horizontal blanking time that I am measuring is approximately 11.5us (which is close to the 11.4us indicated in figure 64; although I am using Mode 1 - slave), but the SMPTE-170M standard calls for 10.7us (NTSC M calls for 10.9us). How can I configure the device to produce a 29.97Hz 640x480 active image with this horizontal blanking time?


The current setup that we are using is as follows:

0x82: 0xDB

0x83: 0x03

0x84: 0x30

0x86: 0x01

0x8A: 0x0A

0x8C: 0x55

0x8D: 0x55

0x8E: 0x55

0x8F: 0x25