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Creating VDK threads inside L3 memory

Question asked by Lordmonkey on Jul 31, 2014
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My VDK project features a number of threads which need to run inside SDRAM only; that is, they can't run or even initialise inside L1 memory (because there simply isn't enough if it). This includes data and instructions.


I'm trying to use the VDSP IDE to control where the threads are created during initialisation. All of my threads are boot threads and are managed using VDK semaphores.


I tried setting a heap under Kernel-> Heaps  (called "threadHeap" for now) and setting each of my threads to use this heap. I assigned it an ID of "0".


When I run my project I can see that currently my threads are still being created within the 0xff90 range (i.e. Data SRAM). However, I can't find where I set this heap to reside in L3 memory, or even which bank of SDRAM it should go in to.


I looked at the documentation for VDK, and it states:



To specify a VDK heap, create a new heap in VisualDSP++ (which has a

VDK HeapID). An ID is then associated with this name. This ID must be

the same one used in setting up the heap under the C/C++ run-time

(which is an integer or a string depending on the processor). For more

information on how to set up VDK heaps, see the online documentation.



What online documentation is it referring to?


I'm using a BF527 currently (with a view to port to BF536).