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ADV7850 Tx EDID Reread

Question asked by GuenterOD on Jul 30, 2014
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followed the Hardware Manual which says:

'edid_read_en, Addr B8 (Main), Address 0xC9[4]

Reread the current segment if toggled from 0 to 1 for 10 times consecutively.'

but it doesn't work. Tried also bits 7,6,5 and other count of consecutive toggels, but no effect.

The displays EDID is well loaded at power up but we need this function also by command.

EDID reread is nowhere else documented.

At a forced reread by toggling the TX core power system_pd B8 $41[6] a reread happens

but the first 63 bytes are 00 then (?).

Has anyone successfully implemented this function ?


  Thank you in advance.