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EVAL-ADT7x20EBZ Evaluation Software Error

Question asked by helsing on Jul 30, 2014
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A customer is having trouble setting up EVAL-ADT7x20EBZ and installing the SW from the CD that came with the eval board.


The problem occurs after the installation when the newly installed application under Programs is started. The following error occurs right away: "ERROR: Can Not Download ADT7x20 Firmware onto Evaluation Board". The error notification box is labeled "ADT7x20 Evaluation Software". When the "Ok" button is clicked, the application terminates.


Have you received this error message before? Do you know how to get around this error?


More about the set-up:

- The computer is running Windows 7.

- The board was not connected until after the installation of the SW.

- After running the installation there is no difference between opening the application with or without the board connected.

- The external board is ADT7420FBZ Evaluation Board.

- There is no difference between trying with or without the external board connected to the main board.

- When the board is connected via USB a green LED glows to the left of the connector and a green LED glows on the external board.



Thanks a lot for feedback and suggestions!