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ADV7441A Auto Graphics Mode Register Setting Example & Generic Formula

Question asked by guang on Sep 12, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2010 by guang

Are there some specific register value setting examples available for ADV7441A's "Auto Graphics Mode" as described on page 190, Section 9.15 of ADV7441A_HW_RevJ.pdf (ADV7441A

Hardware Database Manual Rev J June 2010) ? For example, to input from a VGA signal at 1600X1200-Pixel resolution(60Hz UXGA), what should we set the values for PLL_DIV_RATIO[11:0], FR_LL[11:0], LCOUN T_MAX[10:0] etc. registers? Are there some generic formula as for how to calculate the value settings for these related registers when given a target non-standard graphics input mode?