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BER reading from UG-551?

Question asked by perros on Jul 30, 2014
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I have a  few questions on UG-551 X stream ADI BERT

I have been using it manually to measure BERs and it seems to perform pretty well compared to more expensive  specialised equipment.

I would now  like to automate the use  of UG 551  for BER testing over a range of BERs for my optical link tests.

I need to make measurements on a system which can be noisy so that the READ ERROR register fills to its limit quickly..

  To calculate BER I need the  number of errors and number of bits received  or the time of measurement for that error count.

  Ideally I would like to be able to set and  measure, via the i2c interface, the error count time, rather than by clicking buttons on the HSG Standalone PRBS generator/ error detector.screen.

Can I set and read the error count time via i2c ?

Can the error register be accessed via the i2c link so I can read out its value to PC and determine BER with a spreadsheet  ?

If anyone knows how these two things  can be done, I'd be grateful for help


I don't quite understand the value of the READ DATA readout;  for what is it useful?


Art O'Hare