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ADV7626 CSC error, error rate: 1%

Question asked by Jane on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Dear sir,

ADV7626 CSC error occurred during ADV7626 customer testing, the error rate is about 1%.

Here is the testing environment:

ADV7626 RXB connect Source: DVD Player BDP2180/93(PHILIPS)

ADV7626 TXA connect Sink: 50E780U(SKY)

ADV7626 TXB connect Sink: 32LN540B-CN(LG)

When repeat testing plug-in/ plug-out ADV7626 TXB cable, CSC error would occur infrequently, the color of display is not normal at all. Error rate: 1% , repeat testing plug-in/ plug-out about 100 times, CSC error would occur one time.

Readback the value of below register in HDMI Tx Main Map, When CSC work well 0X16 -> 61, when CSC error occur 0X16 -> 20. The color space for video input from PHILIPS DVD player is YUV444.


  1. P.S. The attachment is the relevant log. File for your information. (ADV7626 TXB CSC error, TXA CSC work well.)

Would you please help to check and give some advice why this kind of CSC error occur?