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A few minutes of help needed by someone owning an AD9625 or AD9680

Question asked by sulimma on Jul 29, 2014
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I need to choose an ADC based on a rather unusual performance characteristic that can not be derived from the data sheets.

It would be great if someone who has a setup with an AD9625, AD9680 or the associated evaluation boards could send me some sample data.
Possible evaluation modules are:

- AD9625-2.5EBZ

- AD9625-2.0EBZ

- AD9680-1000EBZ


What I would need is at least 100.000 samples of the ADC with no input signal connected.

Please e-mail the results to


To Analog Devices FAEs:

My Analog Devices sales representative tells me that this forum is the right way to contact you. These measurements will be the basis of a rather large purchase decision. Maybe you can provide me with these measurements?




Kolja Sulimma