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AD9361 device working

Question asked by Raveendra on Jul 29, 2014
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I am using AD9361 in my custom board interfaced with Altera FPGA as well as Analog Blackfin processor. I am trying to find out whether AD9361 chip is working or not? I am trying to read chip ID (0x0037) through SPI read. Could you please is there any other way to find out whether chip is working or not?


And one more thing i am using 50 MHz TCXO reference to AD9361 and i connected this to XTAL_N and XTAL_P has to be NC, but by mistake it is connected to GND. will it create any problem like not working device?

Will this problem leads for not getting chip ID from SPI read?


Please help me to solve this


Thanks for your support in-advance.