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[AD9984A] / Supported video modes ?

Question asked by joattonp on Jul 29, 2014
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The current need is to know if the AD9984A supports the following video modes:

  • 720p25, 720p30, 720p50, 720p60 ;
  • 1080p25, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p60.


The datasheet of the AD9984A mentions (please see page 1) : " Its 170 MSPS encode rate capability and full power analog bandwidth of 300 MHz support all HDTV video  modes up to 1080p" but without more details.


On page 2, Table 10 details the Recommended VCO Range for several standard resolution and refresh rate.

But the requested video modes don't figure in this Table 10.


Can you please help to confirm this AD9984A device meet the requirements about the expected resolution/refresh rate ?