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Schematic problem using AD5421

Question asked by DanilaIce on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by DanilaIce

Hello every buddy!


I think I have some problems with schematic connection of AD5421 becouse when I use EVAL-AD5421SDZ it works, but when I began testing my scheme I finde some problems. The problem is that output current louer then it must be. When the DAC registers value 0xFFFF output current is 18.665 mA. Also ad5421 become very hot when working... Please look at the pic.



Loop input voltage = +24V

Loop input amperage = 100 mA

Rload = 180 Ohm

R2 = 18 MOhm

R4 = 953 kOhm

R6 = 0 Ohm


C18 = 100 nF (50V)