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ADP5065, question for operations

Question asked by usaghi on Jul 28, 2014
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Please let me ask you on basic functions of ADP5065, 1.25A USB charger.


1) When ADP5065 is under charging mode, is it possible to supply current to system load, from input current through VIN ?


2) If yes on above 1), how do we setup and control these load current, under each charging mode ?


3) If yes on above 1) and for example, set ILIM=1000mA, ICHG=750mA, then theoretically the system can use remaining 250mA (without considering internal consumption).

  However, if system load is increased and becomes to for example 400mA, does charging current decrease to 600mA ? or stay/hold ICHG=750mA and only 250mA is supplied to the system ?


4) Figure 38. ADP5065 Operational Flowchart on datasheet shows CHARGER OPERATIONAL FLOWCHART, but it doesn't indicate when we can do I2C Register Write Sequence ?

  IOW, after POR(Power On Reset), it seems charging automatically starts with conditions met, but can we write registers anytime after starting charging ? Or do you have any recommended timing to send I2C write command ?


5) If we send I2C write command during charging has already been started, when these written values becomes to be valid and affect to  charging ?


Sorry to these fundamental questions, but your helps and support would be very much appreciated.


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